Il s’agit d’un émulateur de SHARP MZ-2000/MZ-2200/MZ-80B/MZ-80B2 pour Windows et Linux basé sur Emu-Z 2000.

Voici les ce qu’il fait de plus par rapport à la version originale (google trad):

– Windows 7 (ia32, x64), for UNIX
– APSS, including full support for the cassette tape and save
– Reading performance cassette tape (such as linear interpolation of the data and hysteresis)
– Simply complete imaging or WAV sound card to enter the data recorder to normal
– Counter status, including cassette tapes, sound effects and a WAV file support, support additional formats (source
– Sounds of the floppy disk, several improvements in the drivers themselves, and fix
– Various sound features, including short-time delay can be set
– Actual ROM support (CG and IPL) IPL’s built like and actual
– Built-in IPL, MZ-SB or 1Z001M-IPL to load the WAV format so you can file containing the 1520 if you like a fully functional even in 吸I出Sanaku ROM writer.
– G-RAM / text V-RAM, supports coordination and execution speed of the IPL ROM WAIT
– Fixed around the display (display-time priority misses graphics, modify and view settings when you view the page background color, display correctly 15KHz CONSOLE R, blanking, etc.)
– Various modifications or by doing an overall example of the memory mapped I / O and
– The modified Z80 core (index register, the two bug fixes for decimal adjustment)
– INI file with the Save Settings
– The overall change of the UI, including improvements such as improved Windows apps full screen and pause menu open, IME ON Prohibition
– Add keymap replacement mode, and add Shortcut Keys
– Menu for quick plug-in compatible with disc
– And more

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