Ecrit à l’origine pour faire tourner les démos, cet émulateur est maintenant l’un des meilleurs… De plus, il a l’option géniale d’émuler le bruit du lecteur de l’atari 🙂

– DirectX code rewrite to support fullscreen/Option page swap better on Win7
– Display option simplification (only hardware texture supported now)
– Blitter BusError on some LogicalOp fixed ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers )
– STE DAC sound missed some write access ( HexTracker by Paulo Simoes )
– STE pixel scroll 8264 word access bug fix ( Ecstasy demo by Inner Circuit Explorers)
– 4MB STE really supported ( Appendix demo by DHS is now running )
– Dir2Msa now can generate 11 sectors MSA images ( To create floppy version of Appendix demo by DHS )
– Dir2Msa can directly proceed ZIP file (ZIP to MSA)
– Force PC VBL-Sync is disabled by default (avoid music tempo problem for new user)
– Fix writing palette bit 3 if STF mode ( Thanks to Paulo Simoes )
– right-ALT key for « fast » mode (for Mac-BootCamp keyboard without right-CTRL!!)
– SainT distrib is packed using 7-Zip ( )
– STE Tos compatibility improved (TOS 1.06 is working for STE demos)
– FF8240 color change using blitter supported (source
– Remove buggy GIF screenshot support (only BMP now)
– Windows 7 large font problem fix (thanks to John Irvine)

Télécharger SainT v2.40 (1,3 Mo)

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