Il s’agit de la meilleure version non officielle créé à partir des sources de Final Burn. En plus des jeux Cps1 et 2, FBA émule à présent le système utilisé pour les jeux CPS-3, Toaplan et Cave ainsi que la Neo Geo et le PGM et plus encore (certains drivers se basant sur mame). Les auteurs sont: LoopMaster, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, Mike_Haggar & TrebleWinner. Ce Build unicode est optimisé I686/MMX et destiné à Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

– Updated the H6280 core and interface to support multiple CPUs [iq_132]
– Added multiple-CPU support to debug tracking in the H6280 core and interface [Barry]
– Updated Final Romance 2 in the Neo Geo driver to use Razoola’s updated version [Barry]
– Tidied World Cup ’90 driver and fixed video timing and save states [Barry]
– Fixed negative sound samples causing an app crash in some PC-Engine games [lantus]
– Big-endian fixes for Capcom CPS-1/2/3, Cave, Irem, Psikyo and Megadrive drivers [lantus]
– Big-endian fixes for the NEC CPU core [lantus]
– Fixed excessive CPU usage when FB Alpha isn’t doing anything [Barry]
– Fixed non-Ascii output in the gamelist translation template export [doomking]
– Hopefully fixed gamelist translation on Chinese systems [Barry]
– Changed gamelist localisation to use the system codepage by default [Barry]
– Some small localisation fixes [Barry, reported by Benjamin Siskoo]
– Reduced the OSD text size to fit in the cliparea [Barry]
– Fixed dat file writing from the command-line and added command-line options for PC-Engine dats, as found by MSVC SYMBOL build [Barry]
– Fixed bug in game selection dialog with not allocating enough memory for gamenames when scanning sets [Barry]
– Updated the default rom path to be the last path again (ie, 20 instead of 8) [Barry]
– Updated helpfile with command-line changes [Barry]

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x86 NT6) v0.2.97.42 (3,8 Mo)

Télécharger Final Burn Alpha (x64 NT6) v0.2.97.42 (4,5 Mo)

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