La dernière version béta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– Fixed b16 low latency vsync issues.
– Possible fix for no buffer vsync tearing in D3D mode on some systems.
– Tweaked b4 too fast cpu audio hack, it broke routines that start playing empty sample (with length=1) and then near immediately reset audio pointer to correct sample. Hack detected this as a bad behavior and « fixed » it causing corrupt sound. (Game Solid 2 AGA)
– Release keys before pausing, stuck Alt if Alt-Tab pressed and emulation was set to pause when inactive.
– Magic mouse triggered window activation/deactivation didn’t handle inactive pause or sound correctly.
– UAE controller mounted RDB hardfiles support bootable and do not mount checkboxes. « Do not mount » ticked = ignore all RDB hardfile partitions, « Bootable » unticked = do not boot from any RDB hardfile partition. Other boot priority values are ignored.
– Execute drive diagnostics IDE command should also set interrupt state (if enabled)
– Enable null filter if none and low latency vsync selected. It can’t work with « none » filter.
– gfx_contrast/gfx_luminance/gfx_gamma didn’t work on the fly using uae-configuration.
– Interlace mode detection rewritten. This should improve interlace emulation of weird programs doing weird things with interlace… Do not simply mirror BPLCON0 LACE bit but also check that LOF bit toggles correctly.
– Only enable vblank waits in non-vsync modes if triple buffering is enabled. I always forget that it is bad idea because on some systems it works fine, on some others it causes huge slowdowns.
– Some Advanced Chipset panel settings were not overridden if compatible settings was enabled. This could have caused strange compatibility problems even in Quickstart modes if default.uae had modified advanced chipset config entries.
– On the fly RTG vsync mode switch does not freeze the emulation anymore.
– Fixed A1000 Quickstart ROM missing message.
– KS 1.2 or older: map Z2 FastRAM as a non-autoconfig memory board.
– HID joystick negative axis values broke in b15.

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