Nouvelle update de cet émulateur de multi consoles et ordinateurs.

System Driver Changes:
-pmd85: added support for loading .ptp cassette images. [Sandro Ronco]
-apple2: Apple II slots rewrite [R. Belmont]
All Apple IIs that had slots now have them in MESS except the IIgs.
Slot 0 has one available card: the language card (which it defaults to)
Slots 1-7 can have any of the Mockingboard, CFFA2000, and Disk II cards.
By default a Mockingboard is in Slot 4 and the Disk II is in 6. Due to current limitations only one Disk II controller per machine will work, but multiple CFFAs and Mockingboards should work great. The plain 6502 firmware version of the CFFA2000 is now supported so you can use CHDs with the emulated II Plus and unenhanced IIe as well. 5.25″ disks are broken on the IIgs at the moment; I’m looking into it.
-iskr1030: Year/manufacturer fixes. [AntoPISA]
– Apple II updates [R. Belmont]:
— Improved C800 arbitration
— Cleanup and more documentation
— New working card: Apple II « Slinky » 1 MB Memory Expansion Card
— New non-working card: Apple II SCSI Card, Rev. C
– Apple IIgs: User-configured slots now available. Boot 6.0.1 and use the Slots Control Panel to set the desired slots to Your Card to use. [R. Belmont]
– Apple II: Support AE RamFactor card (clone of Apple Memory Expansion) [R. Belmont]
– Apple II: Fixed C800 banking with INTCXROM and implemented RamFactor card ROM banking. RamFactor diagnostic (g Cn0a in the Monitor) now works.
– Apple II: RamFactor cards now have 8 MB capacity each [R. Belmont]
– Apple II: Even more slot ROM arbitration work. 80 column mode works on IIe again, and AppleWorks 3 no longer crashes on boot. [R. Belmont]
– Apple II: Allow slot 3 to be used by cards on II/II+. [R. Belmont]

Software Lists:
– x07.xml: Added memory cards softlist. [Anna Wu, Sandro Ronco]
– apple1.xml: added a few more tapes [Anon01]
– a800.xml: added some new dumps and confirmed more dumps [K1W1]

Source Changes:
– Fix for feature name xml output in softlist [bobz]
– m68k improvements: [Hans Ostermeyer]
— Fixed BFINS, BFEXTU, and BFEXTS to fetch 8-bit quantities as 8 bits (corrects Domain/OS 10.3.5 crash on page boundry)
— Added SoftFloat log functions and m68k FLOGNP1, FLOGN, FLOG2, and FLOG10 instructions
– uPD765: fix Apollo floppy read/write problems [Hans Ostermeyer]

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