XRoar est un émulateur Dragon32/64 mais aussi Tandy CoCo et Nintendo DS.

– New keyboard map: Canadian French [Pierre Sarrazin]
– CPU core optimisations.
– VDG palette tweaks.
– Allow user to specify rom lists with -romlist, and inspect the currently
defined lists with -romlist-print.
– Similarly, allow user to specify ROM CRC32s that are equivalent with
-crclist, printing current list with -crclist-print.
– Use ROM CRCs to determine which breakpoints are effective.
– Force CRC matching (breakpoints only based on arch) with -force-crc-match.
– Add -tape-write option to specify an output tape file on the command line.
– Add -type option to type a string into BASIC.
– Permit incomplete last tracks in JVC disk images.
– Removed GP32 and NDS support from main tree.
– Remove obsolete GTK+ version 1 file requester.
– Test for and use GLib list and hash functions if available.
– Data bus state updated during NVMA (fixes Manic Miner protection).
– -tape-pad-auto leader thresholds updated.

Télécharger XRoar (x86) v0.34.8 (1,0 Mo)

Télécharger XRoar (x64) v0.34.8 (1,1 Mo)

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