Un manager de roms qui a l’ambition de devenir aussi bon (sinon meilleur) que l’indétrônable duo clrmame/Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess et gère les roms non compressé ou compressé en zip, rar ou 7z. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques…

– ADDED Trayicon to show/hide application, you can use it to hide when batch runs, scan, rebuild etc. Romulus icon will show a balloon message when important processes are done. Mr Ravik request.
– ADDED General settings possibility to remove Trayicon if user prefer not display it.
– ADDED UAC (User Control Access) checks to Romulus, special feature for Windows Vista users that can have problems with privileges.
– ADDED Column click sorting at profiles list, scanner list and emulators list. Mr Ravik request.
– ADDED to INI file the with of profiles list columns to restore it when Romulus is restarted. Mr Ravik request.
– ADDED recursive display folders at profiles. Just use popup menu in profiles tree and activate the option. Mr Ravik idea.
– ADDED from Folders settings an option to change the temporal directory. SpaceAgeHero request.
– ADDED Sleep/Power off prevention at general settings. Mr Ravik idea.
– ADDED Autocomplete for Webbrowser saving the typed urls at Urls.lst file, and placed the Edit component for a Combobox.
– ADDED Webbrowser a favorites option to add and go to your added favorites Urls, saved at Urls.lst file.
– ADDED Settings – advanced – forzed multicpu for compression in compressors that can do this.
– ADDED Settings – advanced – create solid archives for compression in compressors that can do this.
– ADDED Settings – advanced – possibity to dissable search for bad dump and duplicates at end of scan saving time.
– ADDED Settings – advanced – change timeout for offlinelist downloads, updates and images. 10 seconds as default.
– ADDED to log, batch information number.
– ADDED Windows Vista/7 hints visual styles.
– ADDED Scanner to fields search list « Clone of » field for all profiles except Offlinelist.
– ADDED Scanner to fields search list « Language, Publisher, Save type, Source and Comments » fields for Offlinelist profiles.
– ADDED NTFS HDD format check when start to scan/rebuild, log will show a warning if format drive is not NTFS, but will start to process anyway. Remember NTFS can handle files with more than 4Gb and FAT32 not.
– UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.146u1 needed to check some of last CHD files.
– CHANGED ported Timage to Timage32 component that is more accurate.
– CHANGED some routines of destroying webbrowser tabs increasing the speed.
– IMPROBED control of exceptions, now Romulus is more stable.
– FIXED a bug rebuilding files when MD5 and/or SHA1 checksums are forzed and this checksums are not available in profile making the file not match when really matches.
– FIXED German – Turkish language for Offlinelist that was displayed as Unknow.
– FIXED Lost dissapeared mouse cursor when types at Edit component.
– FIXED if extraction of compressed file fails the incomplete extracted file is removed.
– FIXED Exportation friendfix dat default filename now is not trimmed.
– FIXED Offlinelist filesizes with spaces found at AdvanScene PSP.
– FIXED tab counter at Webbrowser when the tab closing.
– FIXED rare random Out of resources bug that not displays sometimes a image and can crash application.
– FIXED Minor general bugs.

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