DatWorkshop Pro est un puissant gestionnaire de DATs.

Il était absent d’Emufrance, mais voilà le vide comblé. Je n’ai pas pu le tester car il crashe chez moi (windows 7 x64) 🙁

Voici les logs des dernières mises à jour afin que vous puissiez constater ses possibilités :

Some core changes to handle different types of line termination when reading files
required for some dats
More little changes and bugs fixed

Quick fix Release (the archive managment code need to be revised)
Fixed an issue when loading compressed datfiles stored with the path

Fixed a bug that prevented the loading of the latest FBA Dat (xml)
Adjusted the link to maws to reflect recently domain change
Some changes to recognize “-” in Rom CRC’s

Added a Mini Browser
Added a Profiler with www support
CustomDat now works with MESS datfiles too
Added Sets Limit options to CustomDat
Solved an issue with DragAndDrop on the main Form
Added the ability to copy or move a file by dragging it from explorer to the file list
Added FlashFXP Queue Maker
Updated mamediff to 2.30 and datutil to 2.45
Added the ability to modify the DatFiles Path and Name to Realdiff and Realmerge Lists
Fixed ‘Remove clone Sets’ in Custom Dat when source is xml
Fixed a bug with the Dat autoselect in Zip menagement code
Added MRU support to CheckArchive
Added ‘Delete’ button to CheckArchive
Added two new entry to the help menu, homepage and board links
Added support for Progetto EMMA and MAWS to Dat Explorer
Added support for KeyUp and KeyDown to all Combo Lists
Realdiff and Realmerge remove more ListXml Tags for more cleaned Results
Realdiff now keep the original header name, description, version and options

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