RoM-Jacket a été créé pour permettre aux roms d’être lancée avec une configuration unique pour chaque jeu, indipendent de l’émulateur et dans une structure de bibliothèque compatible avec des frontends media-center/arcade populaires comme XBMC, Hyperspin, Cabrio-FE, Game-EX, des Médias Browser/Gamebrowser etc…

What it is:

Easily add, control and play games with your joystick from your favorite media-center.
RoM-Jacket was created to allow roms to be launched with a configuration unique to the game, indipendent of the emulator and within a library structure compatible with popular media-center/arcade front-ends such as XBMC, Hyperspin, Cabrio-FE, Game-EX, Media Browser/Gamebrowser etc…

i.e: to give each rom a « jacket »: A folder that contains the rom and everything associated with it in order to maintain portability and preserve the rom as it exists and is executed from within a front-end.

What it does:
• Downloads, installs and configures the required emulators, desired front-ends, and joystick programs including any required dependencies.
• Generates and configures joystick profiles and a rom-launcher for every rom.
• Save-files, quick-saves, snapshots, metadata, artwork, videos and emulator-settings are all unique and exclusive to the rom.
• Configures the WMC Media Browser plugin, Gamebrowser for MB plugin, Cabrio-FE and XBMC plugins: Advanced Launcher and Rom Collection Browser.

How it works:

RoM-Jacket uses dirty-logic to determine your existing library’s contents.
RoM-Jacket will introduce itself and make obscene gestures. RoM-Jacket knows what to do with your bios. Just relax and let RoM-Jacket handle your joystick.

Télécharger RoM-Jacket v0.99b (15,0 Mo)

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