Un grand projet actif mené par Guitar. Project Amber peut émuler une grande majorité de jeux MPU4. Supporte les Barcrest, BWB, Cristal, Coinworld, Empire, MDM, Il propose davantage d’options et de compatibilités que MFME. Un bon complément à celui-ci, Déjà une référence en matière de Fruit machine !

Version 1.0136 Interim Build.

Fixed Only Fools and Horses, thanks to Richy for pointing out the error.
Fixed the alpha display black symbols issue.
Scorp2 Alpha now allows squashing.
Easy Money Scorp2 alpha now working correctly.
Added Glass Extensions for dot matrix display.
Started the alpha channel editor.
Cleaned up dot matrix between layouts.

A word of advice to anyone having layout issues. Some corruption of layouts was possible in previous versions. If you have trouble playing a layout re download it from the web site, then try it again. If you still have issues let me know.

Télécharger Project Amber v1.0914 (45,8 Mo)

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