Un grand projet actif mené par Guitar. Project Amber peut émuler une grande majorité de jeux MPU4. Supporte les Barcrest, BWB, Cristal, Coinworld, Empire, MDM, Il propose davantage d’options et de compatibilités que MFME. Un bon complément à celui-ci, Déjà une référence en matière de Fruit machine !

Version 10137 Installer.

Fixed a bug in the installer which would overwrite an existing CatFile causing the emulator to lose track of artwork files in the user library.
Added FreeImage.dll to the Install Pack


Updated the component pack to include default Reel Lamp Masks.
Alpha Channel editor in and working
Black (transparency) Removal tool added
Added « Copy Lamp » and « Delete Lamp » to preview right click menu.
Tidied the Reel Editor and added Delete options
Added a few more tools to visibility helper form
Default Reel Lamp Masks Added to Layout Wizard

Version v10138
A raft of lamp upgrades. You can now change the colour of the lamp for non-white lamps.

You can also now tell lamps to alpha blend. You get richer colours, dark areas are darker, light area’s are lighter, much more of a bulb effect. Options to set all lamps or no lamps added to Helpers > Vis form.

You may need to change the lamp glow and dim levels to reduce flicker, but it gives a lovely glow effect.

Designers can play with these settings to get some very nice lamping effects. Red Hot Fever, for instance, if you turn blending on for the FEVER lamps, you will get red when red lamp is on, white when white lamp is on, and a pinky white when both are on. Alpha layer is determined from the source colors, no alpha channel editor is required.

Télécharger Project Amber v1.0914 (45,8 Mo)

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