Un grand projet actif mené par Guitar. Project Amber peut émuler une grande majorité de jeux MPU4. Supporte les Barcrest, BWB, Cristal, Coinworld, Empire, MDM, Il propose davantage d’options et de compatibilités que MFME. Un bon complément à celui-ci, Déjà une référence en matière de Fruit machine !

Version 10140.
Have tweaked everything I can to get maximum speed out of MPU4.
This includes…
Breakpoints are disabled unless debug mode is on.
Read ahead on certain opcodes such as NOP, if there is more than 1 matching opcode they are processed in one batch.
Tweaked the main loop and memory map slightly.
I have had a noticable speed increase on my machine from ~4Mhz to ~5Mhz max speed.
Also put in some catchers to close bad audio streams (synth).

Version v10141
Even more optimisation and tidying.
This is about as fast as MPU4 can be in VB.

Télécharger Project Amber v1.0914 (45,8 Mo)

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