Project Amber


Un grand projet actif mené par Guitar. Project Amber peut émuler une grande majorité de jeux MPU4. Supporte les Barcrest, BWB, Cristal, Coinworld, Empire, MDM, Il propose davantage d’options et de compatibilités que MFME. Un bon complément à celui-ci, Déjà une référence en matière de Fruit machine !

Une nouvelle mise à jour du fameux émulateur Fruit Machine : Project Amber


Changes :

Well, as promised, an update with all the fixes, v10147.

– For M1x Technology…
Made the lamp numbers match MFME for ease of layout conversion.
Made the switch numbers match MFME for ease of layout conversion.
Made DIP switches work.
Connected the binary coin mech (Serial mech to be added).
Custom 7 Seg displays from lamps connected.
Payouts Connected with sound
Meters Connected with sound
Connected Percentage Key.
Door/Cash/Refill Switch setups working.
Improved the switch labeling system to include standardized switches.
Door switches checked for closed on boot.
Keyboard shortcuts working.
Meters and Triacs now visible in IO viewer.

– Hoppers and Serial Coin Mech are still being worked on.

– Did we ever get any information about the M1 DMD?

– I have discovered a few things not quite right with Scorp2 and Scorp1, but not critical, they will be fixed in v10148.

– I will now start part 3 of the documentation.


Edit (greatxerox) : J’ai refait le pack qui est désormais fonctionnel sans installation préalable. il suffit de lancer l’executable.


Télécharger Project Amber v0.10147 WIP (24.8 Mo)

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