Un émulateur de NES permettant l’affichage de haute définition (et supportant des packs de textures).


Les changements:

1. Changed the generate data function so tiles which are partially outside the screen will not be recorded.
2. Fixed a bug with HD pack when a 16 pixel high sprite drop out of the screen (eg big Mario drops into a pit)
3. Added pause and unpause key.
4. Added a run one frame key.
5. Added a manual mode to data generation and added a manual generate data key.
6. When a screen shot is choosen, the emulator will generate HD pack data with tiles matching the actual screen shot. However currently this only works with background tiles as sprite tiles can be flipped and can overlap with other tiles.
7. Fixed a problem with nVidia graphics card. Thank you rainwarrior!


Télécharger HD NES (2013/04/28) (1.3 Mo)

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