Cette archive permettra à ce frontend multi systèmes qu’est EmuCenter d’être à jour en conformité avec la dernière version en date.


Les nouveautés:


– ADD: EmuCenter2 officially compatible with Windows 8
(All emulators included in EmuCenter2 work properly)
– ADD: New section Amiga with WinUAE emulator Version
(Recommended: Games ZIP formats to load all of the game disks).
– ADD: new emulator for the Sony PSP: PPSSPP Version 0.7.6
(Faster than JPCSP and different compatibility games list)
(LittleBigPlanet game playable :p)
(Videos and Music not supported at the moment with this emulator)
– ADD: Proposes to stop the current game when closing EmuCenter2
– ADD: Option ‘Enable / Disable automatic switching display mode’
– ADD: Option ‘Font size (list of games only)’
– ADD: Option ‘Set transparency of the background image’
– ADD: Option ‘Change background image of the interface’
– ADD: 3 Additional background images (bubble, crysis, mario)
– ADD: 4 new themes: Dark blue, purple, red and black
– ADD: The themes also change the color of the font and color of several elements
– FIX: ARCADE Section: automatically start games with CPS3 (Capcom) and MODEL 2 emulator (Sega)
– FIX: Button ‘toggle display’ could jump mode 1
– FIX: No image in the overview when editing descriptions of PC games
– FIX: Descriptions PC games in Favorites section not displayed in display mode 2
– FIX: Web page shifted in the interface when downloading Sun Java JRE (Sony PSP)
– FIX: Miscellaneous
– CHANGE: Refreshes the list of games once the process of adding games completed
(When adding multiple games)
– CHANGE: Layout of the Options page
– CHANGE: Default settings of the emulator JPCSP (Sony PSP)
(Video Options: Enable ‘Use vertex cache’ and ‘Enabled VAO’)
– CHANGE: Selects full text when renaming a game


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