Un manager de roms qui a l’ambition de devenir aussi bon (sinon meilleur) que le duo clrmame/Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess et gère les roms non compressées ou compressées en zip, rar ou 7z. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques… Depuis cette version 0.19, une exclusivité (!), il est pourvu d’un module communautaire dont l’objectif est le partage de fichiers à la manière d’un ftp client comme flashfxp.




12 / 05 / 2013

Hi again. Not a lot of time to code but the project continues.
This time more features are added but this is the first time with Community module enabled.
Community module try to make a special place for users to chat and find his missing ROMs automatically, at moment only can chat with connected users and create missing ROMs lists. This feature is only tested by me on a local net but must work for internet users, waiting users for results.


What’s new of 0.019 version ??? 

– FIRST Release of Community module. At moment you can add to request list and chat with other connected users.
– ADDED Sharing option by scanner – profiles tab popupmenu.
– ADDED Filters for Offlinelist profiles at Scanner tab.
– ADDED Taskbar special effect feature when mouse is over Romulus bar for Windows 7 and later users.
– ADDED Automatic exception to integrated Windows Firewall for Windows XP and later users.
– ADDED to Updater groups Trurip Normal and Super DATs collection.
– CHANGED Automatic detection for empty CRC32 hashes when rebuild files, then MD5 and SHA1 are checked.
– CHANGED jump to directory option added to scanner – profiles tabs.
– CHANGED jump to directory option now sets the possition in list of selected profile.
– CHANGED full thread of loading profiles, no more slowdowns loading big profiles.
– CHANGED Right click menus has 15 seconds of timeout.
– IMPROVED detection of profiles at Updater option based on more profile information like author or email.
– IMPROVED security code at end of application that kill it if is running a hard process.
– IMPROVED Speedup hacks when importing, reading or displaying profiles.
– IMPROVED Threads methods are more stable adding a security code.
– FIXED Generator creating DAT from folder when process is stopped by user when is searching files.
– FIXED Recovery of Log window real position and size when user close it when maximized and opens it again.
– FIXED Lost application icon when using report option.
– FIXED Lost on mouse under button effect when doing some hard processes.
– FIXED scanner option tabs and web navigators tabs, right mouse button click popupmenu event from mousedown to mouseup.
– FIXED a crash problem when user try to hide to tray application in some cases.
– FIXED not hide Log window when is necessary.
– FIXED If user sets scan MD5 or SHA1 and this not exists in current profile then this checksums are ignored.
– FIXED minor bugs.
– REMOVED unnecessary and old Windows default events like right click on windows bars or right click on scrollbars of lists


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