Un très bon player YM (Amstrad CPC, Atari ST et Spectrum) codé en Java. Jolie interface très simple d’utilisation avec playlist intégrée. Un simple double-clic pour le lancer si vous avez Java installé. Enjoy !

This one comes without any big CPC emulation or Z80 instructions or whatever.
Just the AY chip is emulated.

It can be possible, that the playback speed and the pitch is not 100% accurate (yet) but should be suitable for most files.

What it can:
– Playback CPC, ST and Speccy YM files
– Generate playlists with your favourite YM files
– Record YM to WAV (incl. « Intelligent WAV recording » -> means: Just click « Rec. » )
– When in intelligent mode, you can select how many loops should be played, if the YM file doesnt repeat from start. The recorder then fades out the song after it has reached the choosen amount of loops

What it should be able:
– Run on Mac, Linux, Windows
– Playback YM, zipped YM and LZH crunched YM

What it isn’t able:
– Cook your coffee
– Playback digidrums
– Playback zipped AND LZH crunched YM

So: Just quick & dirty.

Run with doubleclick of from console:
java -jar YMPlayer.jar


Télécharger Java YM Player (20130520) (128.0 Ko)

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