Un gestionnaire de roms avec une interface aussi claire que Romcenter tout en étant peut être plus complet à la façon d’un clrmame. Une référence désormais.


L’immense avantage de ce manager est de pouvoir scanner n’importe quel repertoire de roms , en VRAC & ensuite -en fonction de ce que vous avez comme dats- de les ranger et replacer automatiquement. (très utile si vous avez des tonnes de dats (TOSEC).




May 23th, 2013, ROMVault 2.1
Been a while since my last update so I thought it is about time I checked in with an update as to what I am working on.

The 2 main things I am focusing on are 7Z and CHD support, and the good news is both are coming along well, and both work to a degree.

It has been interesting developing ROMVault now that I have publicly released it, in that I can many times get a version of RomVault together that works well for my own use and as I know the limits of what it can do and what will break it, it works well for my needs, the thing is taking ROMVault to the next level were it will keep working with everything that anybody else can throw at it is another completely different level of developmental robustness and sometime that part of developing is not much fun and not the rewarding part.

So as this is at the end of the day just a ‘fun’ personal project of mine, sometimes I need to take a break and just work on it for me and keep it fun, which is kind of where I have been for the last couple of months.
So like I said 7Z and CHD support are kind of working, and I will be spending the next while here getting it as robust and possible more efficient before the next public release of ROMVault. 
Here is a screen shot of the latest code, converting zip files to torrent7zip files.


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