Un joli frontend pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour. Emu Loader est une interface graphique qui se greffe principalement sur les émulateurs arcade comme MAME, SEGA Model 2, SuperModel, Daphne. L’interface permet de gérer votre collection de roms, de vérifier vos jeux et de lancer vos émulateurs.


version 7.1 change log – July 11, 2013

Crash fix for Demul 0.58 (create games list)
Some systems were still using media type index higher than 1. You must re-create games lists for all systems that use CHDs or disc image files (Daphne, Demul… except MAME/HBMAME)


Optimizations in view audit results feature. Support up to 19 devices per game. I doubt a game will use that much devices… future proof 🙂


New arcade filter: Taito Type-X System
New column « Game Status »: available, missing ROMs/CHDS, missing
Extremely ultra mega preliminary support for 7-Zip files. This is an experimental feature. I recommend to keep your MAME/HBMAME/Demul collections in ZIP format though. With 7-zip you can save around 3GB of HDD space if you have ALL MAME games but c’mon… 500GB external HDDs USB 3.0 are so cheap these days!
– for MAME/HBMAME and Demul only!!!
– file « 7z.dll » must be placed in same folder as EmuLoader.exe (file must be downloaded separately)
– if you do not have ROM sets in 7-Zip format, you don’t need « 7z.dll » as Emu Loader works just fine without it
– very high compression profiles will be slower to handle (compared to zipped sets)
– Zip and 7-Zip formats are supported at the same time. You can have mixed sets in both formats, no need to convert your entire ROMs collection
– newer 7z compression profiles might not be compatible as the only Delphi library I could find compatible with Emu Loader’s internal code was coded in 2011 (not by me…). There is no way to adapt EL’s internal code without breaking the entire project!
– MAME/HBMAME audio samples are also supported… are .7z samples supported in MAME ?
– for information, the library source code is « source\sevenzip.pas » and 7z.dll version supported in v4.65.0.0


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