uCON64 vous permet de faire plein de choses : convertir vos roms parmi différents formats, appliquer des patchs, modifier les headers de vos jeux…

Ucon64 supporte toutes les unités de backup basées sur les cartouches et permet le hack de roms.


Astuce pour enlever les headers automatiquement :

« uCON64 can do it. With ucon64 in the current directory, the roms you want de-headered in the dir\ directory, and a no-hdr\ directory ready to collect the output files, type this into a command prompt: for %a in (dir\*) do ucon64.exe -q –stpn=128 -o=no-hdr « %a » … Or prepare in other ways as you see fit after reading the help. »

The command is specific to a7800 headers that are 128 bytes in size. It must be adjusted for other header types, and specific commands are available for certain header types which should be used instead.


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