Ootake est un émulateur PC-Engine en provenance du Japon et basé sur PC2E, tournant sous Windows 98/2000, XP, Vista, 7 et 8. Il nécessite Direct X v9.0c au minimum.


2013/09/22 2.71 released
– With Windows8, when the dialog was displayed, the bug that the error had
occasionally gone out by some PC environment was fixed.
– When using it in an old PC environment (model to which a graphic chip did
not support shader 3.0), the bug of which the initialization error of
Direct3D had gone out was fixed.
– With a little power PC environment, at the reload of a game, the bug that
the first sound did not occasionally play a little was fixed.
+ The execution file for « Windows 98/Me » was opened to the public. The
operation test is not done. Please see « Readme98.txt » in the ZIP file
about details and notes, etc.
This v2.71 is the last file for Windows98/Me.
+ I began Twitter. (Japanese language)
* The happiness of the game is the world human race commonness. It longs for
* I think that it cannot do improvement & correction of the above-mentioned
if there are many neither operation report nor defect report. Thank you
really for you who reported.


Télécharger Ootake (2K/XP/Vista/7/8) v2.71 (1.2 Mo)

Télécharger Ootake (98/SE/Me) v2.71 (368,4 Ko)

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