MAME Content Manager Plus est un programme simple qui permet de trier et selectionner les roms que vous voulez garder sur votre PC. Il permet de facilement renommer ou effacer les roms MAME en utilisant les catégories : Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.


 - Games list was not begin loaded correctly in the "Work List" panel, using "Load List From File" popup menu
 - Added support for HomeBrewMAME (hbmame.ini detection)
 - Replaced the last " ; " char in MCM's "listxml.txt" file to avoid crashes, due to game titles having HTML tags
 - Updated the -listxml parsing function to support MAME v0.150
 - All games and devices with no ROMs/CHDs are excluded from the final games list (-listxml parsing)
 - Disabled text shadows. It was difficult to read with them
 - Minor optimizations



Télécharger MAME Content Manager Plus v1.0.5 (804.4 Ko)

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