Un « autre » émulateur de NES, tout simplement !


  • VSync support: Games scroll is smoother and screen tearing went away. Anyway it’s done syncing with DirectSound. It wasn’t a easy task at least for me. So you may expect some sound glitches. I don’t want to include any third party .DLL.
  • Removed DirectDraw support:. Yanese now will use Direc3D 9 and can run in basic graphics cards.
  • Removed Disassembler: I think i should make a more powerfull one. Anyway thanks to Blargg for the zip file.
  • Save State Format Changed: Sorry the inconvenient, but it had to be that way.
  • Fixed other bugs.


Télécharger Yanese (x86) v0.89 (423,9 Ko)

Télécharger Yanese (x64) v0.89 (489,6 Ko)

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