Il s’agit d’un excellent émulateur Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS et Pocket Station. Pour les développeurs en herbe, vous pouvez vous procurer la version payante incluant un fabuleux debugger.

NO$GBA comme No Cash GBA est un émulateur Nintendo DS / DS Lite & bien sûr GameBoy Advance, pour Windows XP, Vindows Vista ou MS-DOS (pour la version DOS). Les options incluent tous les types de sauvegardes et la lecture de multiples cartouches. NoGBA supporte le multiplayer & est capable de charger plusieurs roms NDS pour « linker » les jeux. Le multiplayer pour GBA est également supporté.




Les changements sont nombreux pour cette version 2.7b:

– a22i: prevents unsupported [dest-1] for .pack_lz77 (fixes no$firmware loading)
– help: added caution on unsupported [dest-1] for LZ77UnCompVram bios function
– sav: support for 1024kbyte and 8192kbyte nds flash save memory (both untested)
– sav: dynamically allocates save memory as needed (between 128k and 8192kbyte)
– bugfix: hwreset preserves gba/sav media creation date (got destroyed in v2.7a)
– nds/help: added more nds cartridge rom IDs and nds flash IDs (thanks jimmsu)
– poc/clone: fixed bug in pocketstation bios-clone (added INT_BASE to show_date)
– poc/loader: accepts checksum for newly discovered « J110 » BIOS version
– poc/emu: applies 4×4 pre-zoom (less tiny window, avoid StretchDIBits failure)
– poc/help: added notes on BIOS versions (in no$psx help, see there)
– poc/help: added POC-XBOO circuit and sample code for xboo TTY debug messages
– poc/xboo: tty debug window (ascii characters transferred via FUNC3 feature)
– poc/xboo: verify-before-write and skip-if-same (higher lifetime/faster upload)
– poc/xboo: pocketstation upload/download memcard and download bios functions
– nds/help: added basic notes on special ds carts (infrared, nand, microsd slot)
– sound: optional 16bit output (instead of 8bit) (maybe fixes ´noise´ problems)
– gui/setup: uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet


La version 2.7b est payante et disponible sur le site officiel, la 2.7a devient gratuite.


Infos particulières relatives à la dernière version  payante:


The v2.7b update uses some new dynamic memory allocation code to support bigger .sav files – this part wasn’t tested very well yet (my PC is just too slow to play NDS games on it, sorry).
Before starting the update, it may be recommended to backup your GBA/NDS .sav files (from the battery folder), and GBA .sna files (from the snap folder).



Télécharger No$GBA (Dos) v2.7a (157.8 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v2.9 (206,0 Ko)

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