Conçu pour gérer les roms MAME, ClearMAMEPro supporte également tous les dats au format CM, mais aussi XML, permettant de gérer efficacement vos collections de roms & isos. Le manager le plus complet.


Les nouveautés sont les suivantes:

– added: profiler tree option « Profile List Includes All Subfolder Entries » which shows you profiles on the selected plus all sublevels
– added: cmpro.ini option « Adv_MinimizeCHDMan = on » to keep chdman windows minimized (not hidden)
– misc: updated unrar.dll with the release of winrar5
– fixed: zero padding in offlineList xml parser was not working correctly
– fixed: little memleak when you drag’n drop profiles in profiler
– misc: changed rar/7z rename operations a bit to made them more safe against possible external packer failures
– misc: minor changes to disk name checks to avoid rare issues with identical hashes but different names within a parent/clone relationship (in full merge mode)


Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x86) v4.012 (2.2 Mo)

Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x64) v4.034 (5,9 Mo)

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