La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE.


– More than one horizontal DDFSTRT-DDFSTOP window is now accurately emulated without requiring any hacks. Random garbage between display windows is also gone. (Subtle Shades / Nuance)
– Removed some more obsolete variables from display emulation.
– Saigon Megademo fix got accidentally broken in b2.
– 260b17 « strange right edge overscan display shift » optional hack removed, new delay/shift register behavior creates identical output automatically simply by reseting delay counter (hpos counter) at the end of scanline. NOTE: Some programs with large overscan can now have small graphics corruption in right border (gap in graphics), it is not a bug, it is accurate emulation. (For example Back in Bizness / 2000AD)
– Some OCS only programs may now have graphics corruption in ECS mode (if bitplane DMA crosses scanlines), this is also not a bug, real hardware would show even worse corruption. Someday this will be more accurately emulated.
– Agnus vpos counter increase delayed by 1 cycle. Fixes Hit the Road / Flash Production « Floffy2 » part.
– Keyboard leds as power/floppy/etc indicators are now properly restored back to original state when keyboard input is not active, changing led config on the fly also works now.
– Exiting GUI with close button or ALT-F4 didn’t save GUI position.


Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) v2.7.1 Beta 4 (3,9 Mo)

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