Il s’agit d’un émulateur multi-systèmes émulant les consoles NES, SuperNes, Sega Master System, SG-1000, Game Gear, PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, TI-83 Calculator, Sega Genesis, Gameboy/Color, Atari 2600…
Il utilise des fonctions d’enregistrement vidéo et est relié au projet TasVideo.


Revision Range 5457-5936
With cherry-picked revisions – 5944, 5946, 5955, 5959, 5965, 5966, 5967, 5973, 5983, 5984, 5985, 5989, 5991, 5993, 5997, 5998, 6006, 6007, 6014, 6029, 6043, 6046, 6047, 6048, 6053, 6063, 6064, 6069, 6076, 6079, 6081, 6085, 6115
NewCore – Genesis Hawk!
Uses GenesisPlusGX (r850)
Fix desync issues on SMS and Game Gear
Fixed loading of files
Suppor the drive light.
Fix rewind.
Add editor for dual gameboy settings
Fix problems with STOP opcode
Implement the undefined opcodes, which lock up the system.
MBC3: correct behavior when bank value of 0 is written
Make CARTROM memorydomain writes work
Greatly decrease memory usage when rewinding with big savestates (arcade card)
Numerous new boards and mapper related fixes
Show preview of palette to be selected in palette config
Support some rogue FDS disk format
Remove botched emulation of special color generation in PPUOFF state (which isnt emulated correctly anyway) that was getting applied in inapplicable circumstances
Fix MMC1 PRGmode %00 bug
FDS audio improvmeents
Fix crippling bugs in SUROM games (Dragon Warrior 3 and 4) introduced in 1.5.3
Fix off by one in the video Clip left and right setting
Add Mapper 29, 188, 196
Fix mappers 76, 78, 87, 101, 113
Fix CNROM problems (fixes bird week and panesian games), note: all CNROM savestates are invalidated
Support some mmc1 prototype carts
Support NAMCOT-3405 (testing confirms Side Pocket and Super Xevious work well)
Support HVC-TBROM (Super Sprint (J
Support R.B.I Baseball (Tengen) !
Support Pro Yakyuu – Family Stadium ’87 (J)
Support HVC-TLSROM (Armadillo J)
Support Ys English translation hacks
Support more Sachen boards
Should support 100% of NROM boards now.
Support more mapper 118 roms without hash.
Fix some translations of SUROM games.
Truncate if a iNES file’s supposed VROM size is longer than the leftover length of the iNES file. Seems to fix some hacks\translations
Correctly treat audio ram on Namco 163 as battery backed when the board has a battery and there’s no WRAM. Fixes Hydlide 3 and others
Support Rockman 4 Minus Infinity (MMC5 version)
Fix no wram battery on a common (bad) Lagrange Point dump.
Improved VRC 2,4,7 support, especially for games not in DB.
Rework bandai FCG a bit, to add support for some games not in DB. (mapper 16, 159).
Major fixups to Toolbox Dialog
For Windows 7 and 8 – Jump Lists
Add –fullscreen commandline option
Controller Config – Analog Config- add flip axis button
Fix an AV desync bug with video dumping
Fix slow loading of the Path config dialog
Add Scanlines display filter
Trace Logger – some code clean up, some tiny speedups, and implement a few small tweaks like Always on Top, and Select All
AV out: add option to pad (instead of stretch) with the video resize output
New functions:
Added new string library with many string manipulating helper functions (see lua documentation for details)
Render to a null image when the lua script manager Resume process hasnt begun (setting up a render target) but lua scripts run (due to loadstate, for example)
forms.textbox() – add a fixed width option
forms.textbox() – for numeric boxes, add ability to increment/decrement value with up/down
forms.textbox() – add multiline parameter
Add support for dropdowns in forms.gettext() (returns the string value of the selected item)
Lua Console
Fix behavior of removing registered functions
When disabling lua scripts, remove their registered functions
Lua functions list now shows function descriptions, and improved parameter documentation including showing strong types
Fixes to refresh logic
Don’t stop scripts on restart
Column sort
Play Movie Dialog
Fix exception when a « Starts from Now » movie is made with the record movie dialog when the folder selected does not already exist
Column sort
Archive Chooser
Add filtering
Ram Search
Fix behavior of the Memory Domain label
Fix change count logic and previous value as previous frame
Fixes exceptions thrown when using column click.
Make manual removal of addresses undo-able
Ram Watch
Fix « Freeze Address » feature
Fix Domain not loaded when loading a .wch file
Fix bug where signed and unsigned are saved backwards
Fix numerous odd behaviors
Fix bug where when editing a cheat, changing the address or domain was causing it to insert not update,
Fix behavior of asking to save changes
Better updating of cheat status in various situations
Add « View in Hex Editor » to the context menu
Hex Editor
Fix Hex Editor to show cheat value on frozen addresses
Better scrollbar logic for really small domains that don’t need a scrollbar
Fix an exception thrown when unfreezing an address
Add support poking of 4-byte addresses
Refine hex editor keyboard handling a bit (fix Ctrl+C copy)


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