Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule en vrac: Game Boy (N&B/Color), Game Boy Advance, Nes, Lynx, PC Engine (TurboGrafx 16), SuperGrafx, NeoGeo Pocket, PC-FX, WonderSwan (N&B/Color), accessoires ps1…
Il s’agit d’une version en cours de développement.


– The XBox 360 controller’s « guide » button is now mappable and usable under MS Windows.
– Rewrote the simple interpolation pixel shaders to fix problems with diagonal lines of graphics distortion.
– Rotation(via ALT+O) no longer breaks the image horribly when used with a multiple-horizontal-resolution source image(emulation modules that can produce such an image include pce, pce_fast, pcfx, psx, and snes).
– Added support for per-module settings overrides(specified via placing settings in files named such as « nes.cfg », « pce.cfg », « pce_fast.cfg », etc.).
– Reduced the maximum supported sound output rate from 1048576Hz to a much more reasonable 192000Hz(significantly eases proper sound processing algorithm design and testing).
– Various debugger bugfixes and refactorings to fix design flaws; save-states should now work in step mode with PC-FX and PC Engine emulation without causing crashes.
– GB: Added support for entering « GameShark » cheats in the cheat interface.
– NES: Added support for entering « Pro Action Rocky » cheats in the cheat interface.
– PCE: Removed support for the « enhanced » PSG revision, and the default PSG revision setting is now « match »(HuC6280A for SuperGrafx games and HES playback, HuC6280 for everything else).
– PCE, PC-FX: Revamped sound resampling and processing to be much higher-quality.
– PS1: Added limited support for entering « GameShark » cheats in the cheat interface(not every code type is supported, and some cheats may not work properly).
– PS1: Improved accuracy(and quality) of the CD-XA ADPCM resampling algorithm per tests on a PS1.
– PS1: Reworked sector buffering and XA ADPCM playback per tests on a PS1; fixes problems with voice cutoff in « Breath of Fire 4 » and probably some other games, and fixes the corrupted boss graphics problem in « Captain Commando ».
– SNES: Added support for Game Genie codes.


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