MAME Content Manager Plus est un programme simple qui permet de trier et selectionner les roms que vous voulez garder sur votre PC. Il permet de facilement renommer ou effacer les roms MAME en utilisant les catégories : Adult, Quiz, Mahjong, Puzzle, etc.


MCM Plus n’est pas une mise à jour de Doug’s MCM 2.0. Il s’agit d’une complète ré-écriture.



Les changements:


– Added version info detection for WolfMAME emulator
– Added support for all driver status categories: emulation status, color status, sound status, graphic status
– Updated driver status search filter to support other status categories
– Added columns of driver status categories to the work list (icons only, no text): green for good; yellow for imperfect, gray for preliminary
– Added detection of mechanical games (« ismechanical » tag from -listxml output) and a new search filter (classic, mechanical)
– Added detection of screen orientation and a new search filter (horizontal, vertical, unknown)
– Added detection of bios sets and device sets, along with new icons
– Renamed « Parent and Clone » search filter to « Game Set Type » and added bios sets and device sets to the filter list
– Simplified the -listxml parsing function and removed redundant code
– Fixed a selection painting bug in categories list when using arrow keys to select a category
– removed the Segoe UI font from the project as Windows XP doesn’t have this font by default, replaced with Arial font
– Implemented virtual list mode to load the entire games list into RAM and speed up search games / work list processes. It’s lightning fast now and RAM usage is as low as 35 MegaBytes (estimate)
– Replaced dark intro logo by a light one. It looks better this way 🙂
– If MAME config file doesn’t exist, MCM Plus asks if you want to create it
– Improvements to the user interface… screen space is precious for MCM Plus!


Télécharger MAME Content Manager Plus v1.0.7 (664,7 Ko)

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