Un excellent manager de roms à l’instar de clrmame et Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess et gère les roms non compressées ou compressées en zip, rar ou 7z. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques… Depuis la version 0.19, une exclusivité (!), il est pourvu d’un module communautaire dont l’objectif est le partage de fichiers à la manière d’un ftp client comme flashfxp.


Il dispose également d’un navigateur intégré, d’un localisateur de DATS, supporte les CHD de Mame…

Un manager à tout faire !




22 – 03 – 2014

About 4 months waiting for new Romulus version. This time added a lot of improvements, fixes and more.
Special thanks to Maero and Xiao for testing, feature requests and patience.

I wish to remember to Romulus users possibility to Donate. Romulus has over 4 years of development and a small donation is always good news for me and a recognition of my hard work.

Here are the changes of 0.023 version.

– ADDED Special recoding optimization for lists. Now scrolling and displaying in real time is up to x10 more fast.
– ADDED Incremental search in lists. Automatic move focus to the text starting with key pressed. Mareo request.
– ADDED to Generator Treelist mode display with full expand and full collapse option at popup menu.
– ADDED Experimental RAM memory manager to decrease general RAM usage.
– ADDED Speed hack when displaying scanner window. When a profile has thousand and thousand of roms in other Romulus versions can take some seconds to open it.
– ADDED Stop and refresh options at integrated webbrowser popup menu. Maero request.
– ADDED Japanese language. Thanks to Xiao
– ADDED Autodetection of Japanese language at startup the first use of Romulus and set it as default.
– ADDED Support for Offlinelist DATs with Unicode information.
– CHANGED Offlinelist profiles updated automatic not show profile info and not ask to continue now.
– CHANGED Default font from Tahoma to Segoe UI. Seems more accurate to display all languages.If this font don’t exists in system will be added automatic.
– CHANGED Default directories for resources and extract files as X:\TMP\RES and X:\TMP\EXT0
– FIXED Displaying property unicode texts in Windows versions with different set region of English. Thanks to Xiao
– FIXED Option for drag n drop files into Romulus for Windows Vista and later users using Settings option.Thanks to Xiao
– FIXED Save UTF8 textfiles in Oriental OS Systems where codepage is different. This affects to reports (HTML and TXT), XML exportation and saving log. Thanks to Xiao
– FIXED Max text length limit of 256 chars for log.
– FIXED Memory problem found importing last MAME DATs.
– FIXED Unicode displaying information for Update DAT window.
– FIXED Unicode displaying information for Directory maker window.
– FIXED Importation error for Clrmame DATs with no description for Sets found on The Wizard of DATz. Bug reported by Maero.
– FIXED Importation error when an Offlinelist or Romcenter DAT is imported or updated and you try to import other DATs later.
– FIXED Importation from MAME Based EXE fails in some cases caused by a wrong initialization of a variable. Bug reported by Maero.
– FIXED Importation XML files where separator brackets are between to lines. Thanks to Xiao
– FIXED Importation Offlinelist DATs where Releasenumber field not exists. Thanks to Xiao
– FIXED Scanner window folder list focus when batch scan/rebuild in some special cases.
– FIXED taskbar indeterminate progressbar not ends when batch scan with popupmenu of profiles section.
– FIXED Special XML conversions like & when exports. Bug reported by Maero.
– FIXED Problem overwriting files like when generate your own DAT.
– FIXED Comboboxes dropdown max visible list count is set to 10 at default and works with themes.
– FIXED Broken Offlinelist filters.
– FIXED Displaying Scanner option smile faces sometimes when other tabs are closed.
– FIXED Displaying backslash symbol like in pathes in asian Windows versions.
– FIXED Correct displaying of backup path from right menu folders button at scanner option.
– FIXED Importation CHDs and SAMPLEs without extension in DAT, extension not added if filename has points.
– FIXED random problem closing process window and application infinite loop.
– FIXED Settings section left list focus at show settings.
– FIXED Transparency bug at PNG files loaded by Offlinelist profiles.
– FIXED Flashing taskbar sometimes non stops.
– FIXED Recovery focus control when other forms open and close.
– FIXED Some components not correct converted to UNC to display correctly.
– FIXED Some memory leaks found that can cause application crash.
– UPDATED CHDMAN to 0.152 version.


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