FS-UAE est un émulateur multi-plateformes (sur Linux , Mac OsX et Windows) reprenant les travaux de WinUAE/E-UAE/PUAE en mettant l’accent sur l’émulation des jeux sur lecteur de disquette et CD-Rom. A noter que cette version propose un launcher dédié. Il s’agit de la version en cours de développement.


  • Support for multimedia keys: volume up, volume down and mute.
  • New shortcut Mod+K to toggle full keyboard emulation.
  • Using (Left) Alt (Cmd on OS X) as default keyboard shortcut modifier.
  • Workaround to allow Alt+Tab to work on non-Windows/non-OS-X platforms.
  • Most built-in shortcuts are now configurable.
  • Actions for built-in shortcuts are now available for mapping.
  • Actions for F11 and F12 (release) can be customized.
  • Ungrab mouse and keyboard when entering the menu.
  • Added support for reading controller configs from fs-uae.dat.
  • Support for creating static / fully self-contained .exe on Windows.
  • JIT: Better fldcw_m_indexed fix (can use all x86-64 registers).
  • Fixed RSP inc/dec for x86-64, shadow stack space on Windows / x86-64.
  • Fix callee-saved registers for Windows x64 ABI.
  • Fixed crash when using Blizzard accelerators and x86-64 JIT.
  • Respect cpu option when checking for Zorro III config problems.
  • Compile with -fno-strict-aliasing to avoid potential aliasing bugs.
  • Removed some SDL 1.2 code.


Télécharger FS-UAE (Instable) [32 bits] v2.9.7 DEV 5 (69.5 Mo)

Télécharger FS-UAE (Instable) [64 bits] v2.9.12 DEV (9.2 Mo)

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