Le meilleur player de musique Amiga (MOD, CUS, DL, DW, BD, … la liste semble infinie, ainsi que d’autre formats tels que le MP3, OGG, NSF, SPC) approche de sa version 2 définitive.

au programme des nouveautés :
documentation included
new file-icons
Players & Genies:
* ScreamTracker2: fixed information evaluation
* AYM: fixed crash on certain AY files
* MP3: improved handling of corrupted files
* Flac: upgraded to libflac 1.10
* SNES: upgraded to snesapu.dll 0.99
* improved deep songend scanning
* fixed ID3V1 comment evaluation (was 2 chars too short in some cases)
* fixed WindowsKey-M minimizing drawing all connected windows that are not minimizable into oblivion
* fixed crash when trying to remove nodes from an already empty playlist
* fixed erratic display after removing all entries from a sublist
* fixed crash when the playlist control had no columns at all
* add to sandwich queue now adds the focused entry when no entries are selected
* Config: fixed crash when mulitple entries were drag&dropped into themself in the column or sort listcontrol
* Config: fixed erratic item moving when multiple items were drag&dropped between listcontrols

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