Voici la nouvelle version de ce Front End updaté pour Mame v0.70 fixant divers problèmes:

– Languages screen is totally changed. It uses animated flags for each translation. If you do not agree with the flags used or do not want to see any flags at all, you can safely delete the flags filenames, located in the new « resourceslanguageflags » folder. A description of the translation will be displayed instead.
– All those shadowed icons and top window bars are completely removed from the frontend. Bye bye pretty icons… screens are getting to crowded 🙁
– The automatic game information displayed below the preview pictures is now customizable. You can select the order of appearance of the texts (« Preferences » screen)
– If you’re using Windows XP with themes enabled, all checked items in the main menu / popup menus are now marked with a blue square 🙂
– Frontend fully compatible with MAME 0.70

Consulter l’énorme liste des améliorations ici.

UPDATE 09:38: La version [Fixed] est à présent disponible ci dessous, veuillez la télécharger .

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (597,6 Ko)

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