Nouvelle version de RockNes, un émulateur NES pour DOS, en voici les nouveautés:

– Added pseudo-stereo sound output (optional);
– ASM window now shows the PRG bank and the respective ROM address;
– Small fix in the MMC3 IRQ timing (Joe&Mac2);
– Mapper #90 IRQ timing improved and mapper fixed (FinalFight3);
– Mapper #91 IRQ timing fixed (StreetFighter2);
– Fixed a glitch in the ASM window (two CPU banks selected);
– Fixed a bug in the pAPU duty cycle/envelope counters;
– Fixed triangle channel (volume level wasn`t being cleared on channel off);
– Added volume decay to triangle channel (avoids `clicks` on playback);
– Fixed DMC volume decay rate and sample decompression;
– Fixed $4011 PCM playback and its volume decay rate;
– Fixed PCM data caching, no more emulation crashing;
– Fixed gamegenie reset (whoops!);
– Partial FDS driver fix (mapper #20);
– File select dialog resized (heh, bigger!), plus with new colors;
– Changed default video driver to VESA1 instead of AUTODETECT;
– Stupid config mistake fixed, now 48k sound sample rate works;
– Fixed a bug in the 640×480 stretch blitter;
– VRCx IRQs are preliminary again, couldn’t find a proper fix yet;
– Known problems list updated;
– Minor cosmetic changes.

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