RC vient de sortir plus tôt que prévu, plein d’améliorations en tout genre comme l’on pouvait s’en douter.

– XP interface
– Replace the ‘split’ and ‘merge’ check box by standart split, merge and un-merge radio button.
– Audit roms even if the game name is bad
– Back button to go back to parent node (or backspace)
– Arrow navigation in list view: left = parent node, right = child node.
– New parameters tab to handle new functions.
– New filter editbox in the toolbar. ex: display only verified gba games, or french snes…
– Fix games parameters: select what a ‘fix’ must do: rename, delete, find, change case, rezip, create dummies…
– ‘select clone’ function to select only clones in the focused node.
– ‘select Main’ function to select only main games
– ‘select no good dump known’ function…
– ‘invert selection’ to invert the current items selection (to remove games with no good dump known…)
– ‘create datafile of missing roms’: Share it with your friend to complete your collection
– ‘create datafile of available roms’: Share it with your friend to complete his collection
– ‘create datafile of selected roms’: create a datafile of roms selected (main mame roms, French snes…)
– Multiple drag and drop rom folder directly in the tree view.
– Replace ‘crc’ column by ‘signature’ column
– Re-Activate move and copy button in scan window when changing datafiles
– Swap ‘remove useless roms’ and ‘…files’ in menu for consistency with contextual menus
– Remove repeated system message when no cd is inserted
– Display volume name of not-fixed paths.
– Fixed report bug when no paths added
– Fixed parameters resolution when running a game.
– Change datutilx.exe to datutil.exe to use new versions.

– Fixed some bugs in ‘fix game’, interface, offline cd…
– Case handler: manual or automatic (DB, Cap, lower, Upper or don’t care).
– Create dummy roms: create fake rom when no good dump are known (manual or automatic)
– Option to ignore file extension proposed by a plug in.
– Support for non-hex signature (snes signature)
– Fix message origin report when fixing corrupted zip
– Skip lines beginnig with # in datafiles (use for comments)

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