Nouvelle version pour ce front end destiné à Mame, en voici les nouveautés:

– Made help file less ugly
– For Real MAME Icons, if the ROM doesnt have an icon then use the standard ‘ROM’ icon.
– Added in additional folders to the migration wizard. It now fixes Media + Mirrors
– Added a ‘backup/restore’ data tool. Now once you have QuickPlay working you can save all the settings and have them as a backup if you screw something up later!
– Improved handling of Read-Only drives.
– QuickPlay will not try to write to read only drives
– If you run from a read only drive, you can change settings
– Windows Temp directory now used for extracting if you choose a drive that is ReadOnly for extracting
– If you run from readonly media and have not configured QuickPlay , then QuickPlay will use a Temp directory allowing you to work with the program.
– Various fixes, for details see here

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