Nouvelle version d’Advance Menu qui est le Front End destiné avant tout à Advance Mame. Les nouveautés sont les suivantes:

* All the snapshots and animated clips are now reduced in size
using the AdvanceMAME `mean’ effect.
* In the DOS version removed the legacy support for unchained
VGA modes (8 bit modes with memory in 4 planes) and the
VBE1 banked modes (not linear modes).
* Added a new `ui_clip’ option which allow to play all the video
clips together.
* Improved the ui_background option. It now supports the most common
RGB and palette formats and it’s also able to stretch the image
to fit the screen. It’s now working also in DOS/Windows.

Télécharger TRWin (Français) 2.36 WIP (117,3 Ko)

Télécharger Ultra64 v0.001a (47,1 Ko)

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