EMULA (EMUlator LAuncher) est une interface graphique permettant de lancer un nombre conséquent d’émulateurs, il s’agit de sa version gratuite. Des versions plus complètes sont disponibles moyennant finances.


– FIX : Fixed a regression introduced with v2.0, images on
console-mode are visible again.
– FIX : Fixed possible crashes if square brackets are inside ROM
– NEW : GameArt downloads have been removed due a copyright
– NEW : During an update all infofiles will not be overwritten
– NEW : Minor changes in the current theme.
– NEW : You can drop any ROM into the EmuLa main window, if the ROM
is recognized it will be executed immediately otherwise a
requester will ask you to select which emulator you want to
use to run the dropped ROM.
This feature DOES NOT NEED a scan in order to work! You could
use EmuLa only using this feature to run your favorite ROMs!
– NEW : Added a progress bar while, in console mode, EmuLa is
building the ROMs interface. That’s because if there are lot
of ROMs (3/4k) it may take some seconds especially when
accessing them for the first time, and it may appear locked.


Télécharger Emula v2.0 (v36) (16.2 Mo)

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