Un émulateur GameBoy N&B/Color dont le but est d’obtenir une émulation la plus précise possible. Cette version propose des changements liés à la vitesse de Pokemon. Site proposant les sources.


– Improved RNG accuracy for gen2 games to where all known gen2 manips sync with console. (Yes, the same patch note as the last release, as our understanding of GB emulation has progressed further)
– Fixed saves for JP Crystal.
– Removed settings for base framerate and increase/decrease/reset framerate inputs. These functions have no use in legitimate runs and very little use in practice since fast forward is still available. If you have niche uses for base framerate changes such as 200% speed runs, you can continue to use the last release.

Note: If you download the Non-PSR version of Gambatte-Speedrun, select a platform other than Game Boy Player, and do a Pokémon speedrun on it, your run will be REJECTED from the leaderboards. PSR runners should use the attachment with PSR in its name, or be careful to have GBP selected for all attempts.


Télécharger Gambatte SpeedRun R7 Build 723 (10.0 Mo)

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