L’auteur de DSP a updaté son site officiel, la release de DSP v0.1 devrait se faire ce weekend, voici les nouveautés :

• General: New input system, added joystick for all drivers (includes Kempston in Spectrum driver).
• General: Code optimization, more frames!.
• General: Grahpics on the same window (no more window add on).
• General: New sound system, added mixer. No more sync troubles, no more strange sounds!
• General: New fps sync system, so much more precision (0,01 msec of precision!).
• Spectrum: New tape loading system (new side to side window).
• Spectrum: Corrected some timings, better sound sync (please take a look at Robin Hood 128K!)
• Pacman: Corrected some things here and there, added sound! (Thanks to PIE proyect!)
• Bombjack: Better sound emulation, not perfect (I really need help with this!)
• Frogger: It begin to do something!

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