Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de flippers dont les nouveautés sont les suivantes:

Visual PinMAME:

– Updated Visual PinMAME to 1.32 release of PinMAME Source Code.
– the controller dislay will be moved to position where it is fully visible after a game was started
(prevent not visible controller windows after a game has set the location to a position out of the desktop)
– added Controller.Hidden (bool) property to hide the controller window. The value is not persitent, hence
will not stored in the registry and resets to ‘visible’ on every call to Controller.GameName (set only)


Bugs Fixed
– Major improvement to the Votrax SC01 emulation (speech synthesis based
on samples from the original chip from now on!)
– Gottlieb System 80A games working as supposed, including Slam tilt,
and without the need for any hacks in the timer section.
– Fixed Hankin sound back to where it was before it was broken.
[Tom Haukap]
– adjusted the « 6 » and « 9 » numbers in Atari & Gottlieb games to look correct
[Gerrit Volkenborn]

New Features
– new CPU: National Semiconductor SC/MP, needed for early Zaccaria games
[Gerrit Volkenborn]

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

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