unMAMEd a été updaté :

[12 May ’04] Updated for MAME 0.82.

Removed Star Gladiator, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter EX 2, Dyna Gears, Super World Stadium, Time Crisis, Strider 2, Twin Eagle II, Megaplay Sonic / Tecmo World Cup, Golden Axe 2, Neratte Chu, Renju Kizoku, Brave Blade, Ray Storm, Pirate Treasure, Ghostlop, Super Rider, Groove on Fight, Othello Shiyouyo, Danchi de Hanafuda.

Added to NON-WORKING section: Landing Gear, Side By Side 1/2, Densha de Go 1/1ex/2/2ex, Lord of Gun, Vapor TRX, San Francisco Rush: The Rock, Super Real Mahjong P5, Super Eagle Shot, Mayjinsen 1/2, Kisekae Hanafuda, Kisekae Mahjong, Hyperdrive, Seimei Kentei Meimei Ki Cult Name, Yu-Jan, Yu-Ka, Speed Racer, Final Lap R, Mission Craft, Racing Beat.

Still have a lot of mail to go though, but this should get the list up to date with the releases.

Sorry, it’s been pretty busy on my end recently…

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