Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– Install.txt renamed to Setup.txt
– MyRomInfo.exe routines now look to sets.txt for ROM info.
– removed the rompath textbox from ultraconfig
– execwait.dll no longer required, ultrastyle now handles this within it’s own main code.
– -Listinfo and -verifysets are now broken into 2 buttons, depending on the status of xml2info, you will get a choice of buttons.
– Marquee default colors have been brightened for easier text viewing

– Because of changes to MyRomInfo.exe, merged sets now supported
– run an .EXE of your choice (I.E. Daphne games, HOTD, Virtua Cop/Squad)
– Configure external EXEs from ultraconfig
– new tab in ultraconfig to setup external .EXEs
– desktop no longer shows between ultrastyle and the game of your choice
– new checkbox to determine the « always on top » property of ultrastyle.
– new checkbox to add ultrastyle to run key in registry (startup at boot)
– readme1st.txt can now directly be viewed from ultraconfig.
– release.txt can now directly be viewed from ultraconfig.

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