Ce frontEnd est dédié à XP Media Center (le premier du genre), il nécessite DirectX 9c et .NET 1.1 au minimum, 2 composants plutôt lourds et exclusivement Windows.

The easy configuration tool has been rewritten to use some windows API code, instead of functions that are only available in version 1.1 or above of the .net framework. So it should now work with version 1.0 also.
GameEx had some features for making GameEx use less CPU time. These were working normally, but when GameEx did not have the window focus, it was using 100% CPU. Now, whether you are using the NoWaitVsync or Sleep settings or not, GameEx will only use about 0-1% CPU if it does not have the window focus.
If a screen saver kicks in, or GameEx loses the focus when you are updating the MAME game list, it will now not cause an exception and start again.
Made a few updates to the web site.
I am thinking of changing the next version number to start at 1.xx for the next release, as GameEx seems to be stable, and I feel I have got most or all significant bugs resolved.
I got the chance to test GameEx on some old and slower hardware. I tested GameEx on a pentium 2, 400Mhz with a Trident Blade video card, 364MB RAM, and it ran at an acceptable speed (a little slow at times) with no issues. I tested this on Windows 98SE and Windows 2000 SP4. 2000 seemed to run a little faster and not too bad at all, although I had disabled any non essential services and processes.
If anyone has tried to run GameEx on a low-res arcade monitor without an ArcadeVGA card, I would be very interested to hear how you got on. Please get in touch.

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