Nouvelle version pour cet excellent manager de roms, en voici les nouveautés:

– fixed: some profiler list index problems caused by some auto-sorting listctrl feature *sigh* (3.60b)

– misc: replaced old single-tree profiler to a tree+list view
– misc: profiler remove: if you select a folder in the tree an NO dats in the list, you can delete the chosen folder. If you select one or more dats, the delete button will delete the selected dats.
– misc: profiler load currently only the 1st selected datfile will be loaded when you click on load (or double-click it)
– misc: profiler move can move mutliple dats now
– added: delete and load to profiler popupmenu

Guess I will improve it some more later. Enabling drag&drop for moving dats, renaming.

– misc: optimized the way the crc32 list gets refreshed again
– misc: no more prompt when an auto-fixdat is empty
– misc: speedup for profilescan
– misc: settree jumps to the correct set when setinfo is opened
– misc: log/fsc-names point to the correct profilefolder when creating an exebased dat
– misc: correct aboutdrag&drop display of subfolderfiles, removed displayed folders & ~crc32
– misc: no 2nd progress window when receiving data from a binary
– fixed: adding dats from zip-subfolders doesn’t work
– fixed: rebuilder skips biosfiles if a file with the same name exist in the destination

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