Voici une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Multi-Arcades (Cps1/2-NeoGeo/Toaplan..)

This is still an alpha release!

Note that, if compiled with GCC, you will need to use version 3.3.x, and
the experimental DirectX 9 blitter is not built.

– Changed the way FB Alpha looks for ROMs. Now, it will always check the last
path for any given .zip file, even when a .zip file of the same name is
present in another path. This way, we can keep ROMs that are only needed
for FB Alpha seperate without sacrifising compatibility with other emulators;
– Changed the way Neo Geo memory cards work, allowing the use of 1 megabit
– Emulated protection in Super Sidekicks (was patched before);
– Fixed the last few bad game names / bad ROM definitions;
– Fixed a few minor issues in the makefile for mingw/cygwin;
– The debugger is now only compiled for debug builds;
– Minor updates to compile documentation;
– Fixed a crash at startup for some systems when autopause was activated;

Télécharger IDLE r23 (2018/02/12) (317,3 Ko)

Télécharger Chankast Front-End v2 (243,5 Ko)

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