Encore une nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms:

– added: profiler datfile rename (popupmenu or singleclick label). This changes the description tag in the datfile header (or adds one) NOT the filename.
– added: list to tree drag’n drop of datfiles to move them. Well…Tree doesn’t expand or scroll automatically yet but I guess you’ll enjoy it anyway.
– misc: cleaned up several control events handlers
– misc: you can’t remove the datfolder root anymore
– misc: you can’t move datfiles to the same folder anymore
– misc: don’t list problems in biossets as « missing »
– misc: current profile is saved on entering profiler, leaving scanner/settings/rebuilder/merger
– misc: delete/load/view buttons/popupmenu items only selectable when there is something to do

Télécharger ClrMAME Pro (x86) v4.034 (5,3 Mo)

( by seb )

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