Nouvelle version de Clrmame dont voici les améliorations:

– misc: rebuilderadv option to add a prestring (and/or variables %m, %s, %y) to the created destination file. %y = year, %s = sourcefile, %m = manufacturer, %b = biosname. Example: « %m » will create all rebuilt files in their belonging manufacturer subfolder, while « %y –  » will add a year string to the set (e.g. « 1980 – »). You can combine the vars of course…something like %m\%b\%y 😉 When using «  » for subfolders be sure you don’t run into trouble when the vars get replaced with empty (non existing) entries. Anyway…a little toy to play with 😉
– misc: changed the setname fuzzycheck. Old method has some wrong renames which lead to some weird issues with fix-missing pickup from the backupfolder.
– misc: optimized fix-unneeded. Faster now (backup/removal of zipped files)
– misc: database and setinfo includes sourcefile information
– misc: chd readerrors appear in warningswindow and not as a msgbox anymore
– added: some save setlist options to scanner’s popupmenu (pretty much like the
– fixdat options but it’ll create a setlist instead)
– fixed: biossets miss manufacturer and year entries
– fixed: opening setinfo dialog doesn’t update the tree
– fixed: dir2dat cuts off characters when sourcefolder ends with a «  »
– fixed: dir2dat puts files in a wrong set when set-subfoldersupport is enabled

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