Nouveau build pour cet émulateur de Nintendo DS.

So. It turns out that the huge bug I had in the GBA core was in fact the variable holding the current ROM size, getting changed somewhere down the line. I’ve patched that up, and the core is back to its spritely old self. I have been hearing that people can’t seem to decide whether a ROM is for the GBA or DS (and no, the emulator can’t tell by itself). I currently include only two DS demos in the zip package; 2D and Tetris. Anything else, you’ll have to have prior knowledge what system it’s produced for.

As far as touchscreen goes, I have been able to grab a demo that manipulates touch and that doesn’t use advanced features like IRQ or sprites. It’s something that davr wrote, and it tries to fill in a path you draw on the screen with horizontal/vertical/45-degree green lines. Check it out at Screenshots.

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