Nouvelle version pour ce bon frontend destiné à Mame et dont voici les nouveautés:

Version 5.0.1 release info:

– New : Added ‘Title’ tab. (with support)
– New : Added option to choose between a big (32×32) and a small (16×16) icontoolbar.
– Improved : History.dat and Mameinfo.dat screens are now double buffered.
– Improved : Some cosmetic changes.
– Fixed : Game icons sometimes where not assigned to the correct rom after a column sort.
– Fixed : Scaling x4 (snapshots, cabinet, marquee etc..) is now correct.
– Fixed : Game status screen can now also be translated with a .lng file.

Version 5.0 release info:

– New : Support for icons. (including
– New : Support for skinning. (Read : Howtoskin.txt for more details)
– New : Added menu item ‘Show Game Details’. (Driver status, emulation status, color status, graphics status, sound status, etc…)
– New : Added INI and INP to statusbar. Shows availability of the selected game’s .ini file and/or recorded game file.
– Fixed : All reported beta bugs are fixed.
– Fixed : Mainmenu ‘delete .ini file’ wasn’t always selectable when a game .ini file was present.
– Improved : Faster unzipping, etc..
– Improved : Faster History.dat and Mameinfo.dat routines (about 25% faster).
– Improved : Again increased icons unzipping speed compared to Beta3.

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